Bières De Garde

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From one of the smallest breweries in Northern France at Hordain in Flanders, we have a selection of artisanal bieres made in the traditional method for the farm workers to drink in the summer.The name Biere de garde means beer keep.

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La Choulette Ambrée

12 x 75cl — AP040
£9.25 bottle inc VAT

24 x 33cl — AP043
£4.30 bottle inc VAT

An amber-dark biere de garde. A beautiful clean taste, with a lot of malt.

Une choulette is the ball used in this traditional game of the region. This beer has been Champion Biere de Garde and a Platinum Medal Winner.

8.0% ABV

La Choulette Blonde

24 x 33cl — AP044
£3.80 bottle inc VAT

 As above but more in the style of Sans Culottes a lighter lager with oomph.

7.5% ABV

La Choulette Brune

12 x 75cl — AP049
£8.15 bottle inc VAT

24 x 33cl — AP046
£3.85 bottle inc VAT

As above, but this deep, rich, brown beer has been made from highly roasted malt, giving it a chocolatey, malty flavour. This is reminiscent of the full-bodied, rich milds which were traditionally made in the North of England.

Once tasted, incredibly moreish.

ABV 7.5%

Bière des Sans Culottes

12 x 75c –l AP045
£7.90 bottle inc VAT

24 x 33cl — AP025
£3.65 bottle inc VAT

Made in the tradition of artisan brewers, Sans Culottes is a blonde beer sur lie. Probably the best bière de garde for the uninitiated to start with.

Packed in a 75 cls bottle with a wired-down cork, Sans Culottes sports a brilliantly eye-catching label showing a revolutionary soldier proudly wearing his pantalons, having wisely forsaken his culottes for the coming struggle.

7.0% ABV

Val des Cygnes Biologiques

12 x 75cl — AP047
£8.10 bottle inc VAT

Great to offer a Blonde Organic Biere de Garde. Crisp and clean.

7.5% ABV

La Choulette Double IPA

12 x 75cl — AP052
£10.25 bottle inc VAT

 Deep tan hues with caramel sort of nutty flavour good nose and long taste finish.

8% ABV


12 x 75cl — AP036

£6.50 bottle inc VAT

A traditionally made lager style beer, a sort of junior Sans Culottes. This beer is bottle conditioned and has a fantastic flavour which you won’t find in a tin.

5.0% ABV

La Tour d’Ostrevant

12 x 75cl — AP050
£9.45 bottle inc VAT

This is another huge biere from our favourite small producer. It is a blonde style with incredible length and finish.

8.3% ABV

Abbaye de Vaucelles

12 x 75cl — AP038
£8.35 bottle inc VAT

An Abbaye beer brewed by Brasserie Choulette. This is a blonde style of Biere de Garde, flavoursome but with a soft, subtle finish.

7.5% ABV

Blanche de Cambrai

12 x 75cl — AP056
£6.90 bottle inc VAT

24 x 33cl — AP048
£3.15 bottle inc VAT

A wheat beer from Brasserie La Choulette made in the traditional style – good flavour but without the awesome strength of his biere de gardes.

5% ABV

La Choulette Frambois

24 x 33cl — AP041
£4.00 bottle inc VAT

A fruit version of this excellent Biere de Garde with only natural crushed raspberry juice added. You have to taste to believe the full fruity effect.

6% ABV

La Choulette Peche

24 x 33cl — AP042
£3.85 bottle inc VAT

A fruit version of this excellent Biere de Garde with only natural crushed peach juice added.

5% ABV

D’Artagnan Blonde

12 x 75cl — AP039
£9.50 bottle inc VAT

A swashbuckling Blonde Biere de Garde to commemorate the Musketeer who originated from the North of France It is rich full flavoured but dry biere.

8.5% ABV

La Choublonette

12 x 75cl — AP055
£9.35 bottle inc VAT

Only in 75cl. It’s a Biere Exceptional. A rRather mischievous label, this Biere is brewed in the same manner as all Choulette bieres but has extra hops to produce what the master brewer describes as a ½ IPA. Although strong it has a crisp clean flavour.

8 % ABV.

Sans Culottes Ambre

12 x 75cl — AP070
£9.95 bottle inc VAT

24 x 33cl — AP034
£4.60 bottle inc VAT

This Ambre is a darker style, halfway between Blonde and Brune with heaps of flavour and a bit of a kick . This features the new Risque labelling with the lady certainly not overdressed.

9% ABV

Sans culottes Legere

12 x 75cl — AP069
£7.10 bottle inc VAT

24 x 33cl — AP033
£3.35 bottle inc VAT

A lager though a little stronger than most. This is crisp light and refreshing, wih a full hoppy flavour. Let us hope that the barrel does not have any splinters.

6% ABV

Sans Culottes Corsée

12 x 75cl — AP059
£9.60 bottle inc VAT

24 x 33cl — AP035
£4.60 bottle inc VAT

This continues the risqué lack of Culottes. It is a Blonde biere but with a rich golden colour and quite concentrated malt and hops. A sit back and enjoy beer.

8.5% ABV