A Sad Farewell

Posted by on Jun 8, 2020 in Latest News

After 35 years we have been let go by the Family Cidrerie Viard in Bayeux, which we discovered on a trip to start our French Cider business. It is no longer a family business and, for unexplained reasons, does not wish to be represented in the UK market.

The evocative packaging of 30 or more years featuring the Bayeux Tapestry was “upgraded” to a modern bland and totally unremarkable label. The product remained excellent but the “suits” had destroyed the pedigree.

On a cheery note we have replaced this one Cidrerie with 2 Cidreries, Boissel a small “Fermier” producer and Cidrerie Fournier an Artisanal producer. The Fermier designation means that all the fruit is sourced from the Boisell orchards whilst the Artisanal is more a description of size and quality. Above that are the commercial large producers who follow the same rules but on a larger scale.